15 Steps to Passing PMP

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This is the short version of the process I went through step-by-step to pass the exam, for people who hate reading through pages and pages of instructions. Almost all PMP questions are scenario based. Knowing the PMBOK by heart will not make you pass the exam. The key to passing the exam is practice. You can study the processes and theories all you want but that alone will not help you pass the exam. My approach was to do as many mock questions as possible. I passed PMP in one go and got above average on all process groups. This was my approach:

1.         PM education workshop (required for exam application)

2.         Find questions from each knowledge area (at least 50 questions from each) and give open-book answers. but make sure to highlight the references on PMBOK (better to have a printed copy)

3.         Review the questions and answers

4.         Attempt your first Mock exam. Time this attempt properly and do it with the books closed. Don't worry about the score for now. But make sure this is a full 200 question test, timed through 4 hours. Sites like Udemy, provide full length mock exams that are timed

5.         Once you are done with your first mock, start reviewing each question. Even if you got it right or not, go through each question. Highlight references on PMBOK for each and every question

6.         Once done, take your second mock the same way. Closed-book and timed. Review each question like the first time. Highlight references

7.         Read through all the highlighted references on the PMBOK

8.         It’s time to take the third mock. This time, you should be worried about what you will be scoring. Target is to achieve 70%. Once again, go through each question and highlight references on the PMBOK

9.         If you scored more than 70%, It’s time to set the date for the exam. If not, try more questions from knowledge areas and re-take the 3rd mock. Once exam date is set, keep on reading through the highlighted references. Identify the areas which seem to be generating the most number of questions, and give more focus to those areas of the PMBOK

10.      With about two weeks to go for the exam, attempt the 4th mock. Follow the same process. This time, the target should be 80%

11.      One week before the exam, start reading through all the highlighted references on the PMBOK

12.      Re-do step 11

13.      With about 2 days to go for the exam, plan how you would celebrate passing the exam

14.      Exam eve, get a good night’s sleep

15.      Take the exam, and pass!


July 23, 2019, 11:52 a.m. by - Lesith